Welcome to More Good News from the Good News Bible

This section of my blog is my attempt to re-write or embellish the Good News Bible placing the stories, morals, and messages in a 21st century context. Face it, urban America has lost the connection to agriculture which is so important in the Bible. We drive John Deers, not plows drawn by oxen. We ride Harley Davidsons not donkeys.

If the stories in the Bible happened today they would have to incorporate many changes in our culture. The music scene has ben forever changed from harps and cymbals to iTunes. These days a lute (pronounced loot) is something you get when you rob a bank; it is not a musical instrument. We don’t write on stone tablets, we text on our phones. We don’t drink out of lamb skin pouches, we get our coffee to go in disposable cups.

Some of these posts are lighthearted, thought provoking or poignent; some posts are embellishments. “What if” concepts, if you will. I have tried to stay true to the teachings of the Catholic faith and have fun at the same time. I hope you will enjoy visiting this blog as much as I have enjoyed creating it. Peace be with you,

Beth, Mary’s Best Friend Forever.

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