You Have Enough

“Son, are you awake?  Son?” His mom called to the boy.

“Yea mom, I am already dressed.  What are we going to do today?” He called from his room.

“I want to take you to hear Jay C.”

“Jay Z?  That is sick!”   The boy’s face lit up.

“No,  J.C.”  his mom corrected the boy.”

“Who is that?”

“He is a motivational speaker.  He has a new book coming out.”

“Ahh mom…that sounds boring.  What is the book called?”  The boy sounded disinterested.

“New Book.”

“Great.  Just great.  Where are we going?”

“I don’t know exactly.  The Coheris say it is about a 2 day walk from here.”

“And exactly what will we eat on this road trip of your?”

“I baked 2 loaves of bread and I was hoping you could catch a few fish before we go,” his mom smiled sweetly.

“Mom, you never have to ask me twice to go fishing!”  The boy grabbed his Berkinstocking and his pole.  ”But 2 loaves of bread is not going to be enough for fish sandwiches for both of us.”

“Son, it will be enough, now go out and catch some fish!”  His mom patted him on his back and shut the door behind him.

A few hours later, the boy headed toward his grandmothers house. “Only two fish, and the rest aren’t biting.  This won’t be enough.”

The boy explained the trip, the motivational speaker and the scarce amount of bread his mother had planned.

“Honey, two loaves and two fish will be enough for you both, I am sure of it.”

“Grandma, I love your bread, Please?”  The boy tilted his head and pleaded with his eyes – a look no grandma could refuse.

She tucked her last loaf in the boy’s satchel bag.  ”That will be plenty.  ”Go now, before your mom leaves without you,” she said, “and bring me back  copy of the New Book.”

“Thanks Grandma,” the boy kissed her and trotted off to his house.

Just like his mother said, it was a two day walk to the event.  The boy asked his mother repeatedly for a small sandwich but she declined each time.  She explained that there would be enough food at the event, and that they should wait to eat the sandwiches on the way back.  The boy shrugged his shoulders, sighed and rolled his eyes more in obedience than actual agreement with this plan.

The temperature on the hill was desperately hot.  There was no wind and the crowd of more than 10,000 were shoulder to shoulder sweating and sticky.  Everyone was engaged with the charismatic speaker, but began to get weary as lunch time approached.  The boy looked around for the buffet table but did not see one.  He asked Jacob, the boy a head of him if there would be brown bagged lunches provided.

“I haven’t seen any.  I think there must be a caterer who is running late,” replied Jacob.

Then J.C. left the stage and one of the 12 attendants addressed the crowd, “Ladies & gentlemen, I want to apologize profusely.  There was a miscommunication between our staff.  I don’t need to get into the details,” the attendant said glaring at two brothers who were staring at their feet with guilt written all over the faces.

“The bottom line is, unfortunately, that we have no lunch for any of you.”

A gasp went over the crowd.  Husbands and wives looked at each other commenting on the desolute location in which they found themselves.  ”I told you we should have stopped at the BBQ quail place, but Noo…you had to have a spot near the speakers!  A woman said to her husband.

Another woman with a shaky voice said, “You know I won’t last very long with my diabetes.”

The boy looked at his mother, his eyes bulging, “Mom, you said…”

“I said there would be enough.”  His mother’s confidence was out of proportion to the situation, thought the boy.

“Bring our satchel to the speaker,” his mother said firmly.

The boy looked at his mother as if she had three heads.

“Mom, there is barely enough for us!  Besides, I will never make it through this big crowd alive,” the boy could hear his heart beating outside of his chest.

“We have plenty to share.  Now go,” his mother said firmly.  ”I will be right behind you.”

“Whatever” the boy said, thinking the large crowd would likely roast him over an open fire and eat him with feva beans before he made it up the hill to the speaker.  ”So much for leftovers to share with grandma,” he said under his breath.

Of course there will be left overs honey.  We have an abundance to share.”  His mother said, with a convincing tone in her voice.

Suddenly a man darted out in front of the boy.  ”Excuse me.  My children have been in the hot sun for hours now.  You are a strong young man, but my children are small.  You better hand over that satchell.”

The man stood a full head higher than his mother.  She looked up at him and said, “You will have enough food for your entire family.  Now let us through.”  She said in a tone which could send any burgler running straight to the police office.

“Mom, your a rock star.”

She looked straight ahead.  ”Keep moving son.”

The boy barely felt the hand grab his ankle before his chin hit the ground. He tasted sand and blood in his mouth.  The satchel fell beside him  and a pregnant woman tried to grab one loaf that had rolled aside.  A small child cried out to her mother, “Now get it mom, get it.”

Just then the boy felt his mother scoop him, the satchel and the fallen loaf of bread in one sweep.  She ran a few steps, then all darted behind a few chairs.  She circled around a small dog and headed up the hill.  She looked back when the pregnant woman had lost sight of them, the boy’s mother set him on the ground.

“I never thought you would have enough strength to pull that off, mom!”  The boy said with a combination of pride and fear.

“Keep going.”  His mother said pushing him ahead with her hands on the boy’s shoulders.

When they finally reached the top of the hill where the speaker stood, a strange thing happend.  The speaker looked at the boy as if he had known the boy since birth. The boy immediately felt a sense of peace like he had never experienced.

“Hello my child.”  the speaker said queitly.”

“Hello my Lord.”

“I see you have brought your food for us to share,” he said with calm, soothing voice.

“I didn’t think it would be enough.”  The boy said, still in awe.

“What you have is more than enough,” the speaker said gently reaching out his hands.

“What you have is plenty.”

The speaker broke the bread, blessed it and said, “We give you thanks, Father, that this boy and his mother have this bread to offer ad fish to share.”

The boy looked at his mother in amazement.

“What you have is enough.  What you have is always enough to share.”  She said.


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