It’s about celibacy, stupid!

The Los Angeles Times’ article was reprinted in my local newspaper this morning with the caption, “Francis speaks candidly about homosexuals in the church, shows unprecedented compassion for homosexuals in the church.”

Our Holy Father spoke for an hour and a half to reporters, and they can’t even get his name right. The word “gay” was written 10 times in the article; “homosexual” four times; “celibacy” twice, both on the back page. I counted. Compassion is not the same as reconciliation, behavior or tendencies are not the same as sin. Errors are not the same as bias.

What else is the press hiding from us? It is hard to imagine that in an hour and half that Pope Francis would not have used the word “poor.” Do you think that author Tracy Wilkinson might have missed something? In all of this time with the Father of our church that priest’s ordination was the only topic? Really?

Is it too much to ask for the reporter who is covering news about the Pope to be Catholic? This would never fly in sports coverage. Can you imagine Terry Bradshaw, a former American football quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers, winner of four Super Bowls covering golf? Would he know the difference between bunker shots, draws or long stand shots? Yes, he might recognize Tiger Woods, but could Bradshaw go any further than that in his commentary?

Whether or not a reporter is a fan of the Giants, the Cowboys or the Raiders should not make a difference in their football coverage. It does make a difference if they don’t know how to play the game. Is it too much to ask that a reporter who listens to Pope Francis for an hour and a half would know about the sacrament of Holy Orders?

It is about celibacy, stupid.

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