Q: I find it difficult and sometimes boring to read the Bible. The vocabulary is so different from our modern way of speaking that I get lost in the verbiage. Help!

A: I admire your search for the truth. I want to remind you that learning a new language does require some practice. Have fun with this! Use some of the words around your house and try to bring some humor in so that you take yourself less seriously. For example:

And I the Mom said, “Behold! The kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes. And I command you, son to wash them.” And the son was filled with a burning desire to also sweep and mop the floor.


Nine out of 10 apostles agree, sinning is hazardous to your soul.

OrStop Sinning Best

Amen Amen I say to thee, it is easier to do the laundry during the commercials of the Sunday football game than it is to find clean black socks in your drawer on Monday morning.

I hope this helps,


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