The real cost of the conclave

March 11, 2013 – The GNP dropped this week worldwide due to the preoccupation of workers watching, reading and talking about the conclave. A sharp rise in sick time and vacation time suddenly taken by so many people to prayerfully attend the events of St. Peter’s Square have also contributed to this economic decline.

Instead of working overtime, many people have adopted a cardinal and are praying him so that he will make a thoughtful decision in line with God’s plan. The question posed to the cardinals is, “Who reminds you the most of Jesus?” Pileolus

Employees across the world have been examining their own lives in how they themselves can live out the gospel and therefore re-considering their career choice.The only industries seemingly not to be hit with this financial decline are non-profits and missions who report in increase in donations.

Catholics are not the only employees are engrossed with the activities in Rome. The CEOs of international companies have considered the option of putting temporary internet blocks on Vatican related sites because they have found so many representatives constantly viewing the chimney webcam. These CEOS have begun sending memos encouraging their staff members to resume normal activities stating, “We will find out the decision of the conclave soon. Until then, please try to concentrate on the work at hand.”

So far this has had little impact.

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