Q: Do you think Jesus had any brothers or sisters?

A: I am pretty certain Jesus did not have any brothers or sisters, simply because God is merciful and good.

Can you imagine being the younger sister or brother of the Messiah?

Your Father is not perfect, but your Mother is. Your older brother acts perfect. Then as you grow up you realize that it is not an act.

Think for a moment about this younger child on the playground hearing her or his classmates complain about their siblings. What would Jesus’ younger sibling likely say? “Oh yeah? You think you’ve got it bad? My brother thinks He is God’s gift to the human race! He acts as if He can do no wrong!”

Every child’s birthday should be a special day. From the younger child’s point of view it would seem that the whole world celebrates on December 25. Chuckie Cheese just cannot measure up to that. No, God is kind and just; He would not put a young child through this. God also had Mary and Joseph in  mind.

Any parent of more than one child knows the trials and tribulations that can occur when one sibling thinks that the other one is favored. Can you imagine that poor child’s righteous protest, “You know mom, it isn’t my fault I am not perfect! I could have been conceived without sin, but NOOO….”

Imagine poor imperfect, mortal Joseph saying to this younger child, “Of course we don’t compare you two. Honestly we don’t. You both have your good points and your bad points. The only difference between you and your brother is that He does not have any bad points.”

What a great parenting moment that would have been! Reviewing the rest of the Bible characters, and how their dirty laundry (killing the husband of a mistress, chopping off a friend’s head because of a lost bet) has been aired for over 2,000 years I believe that if Joseph had said such a thing to his younger child that it would have been written down.

God is merciful and just. He considered Jesus’ parents as well as that poor child when He created the Holy Family.

Peace be with your family,

Beth, Mary’s BFF

Mary & altoid

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